Our Fish Tank

Video by Anne Steel

Our fish tank is a real talking point; situated in the entrance it has welcomed many customers and seen many changes to the business but the tank itself has not changed over the years and is something of a local landmark.

The fish tank is 5 metres long, constructed from 19mm thick glass and holds approximately 5000 litres of seawater. The weight of the water and the tank combined is approximately 5 tonnes. We believe this is the equivalent weight of two Asian Elephants!

All the fish are North Sea fish: Cod, Dover sole, Bass, Grey Mullet, Turbot, Wrasse, Rockling, Flounder, Eel. There are also crabs and lobsters.

The majority of the fish were caught by Darren but the odd one has been donated by a Lowestoft fisherman! The longest resident of the tank is the flounder, who was put in the tank in July 2006 which is when the tank was installed and is still in there today. The Sea bass appear to be the fastest growing fish we have in the tank.